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Jack’s House Recordings welcomes back Legit Trip for his 6th quality release on the label with the 4 track (vinyl only) Deep Moan EP. His much sought after first (vinyl only) Answer EP back in 2016, sold out within a couple of weeks !

A1. Acid Babe jumps straight in with a solid padded kick and techy hats before building up into low acid sounds and fluctuates throughout the track with some cool vocal snippets occasionally thrown over the top. Two minutes in, the track falls into a 30 second breakdown and pumps straight back into it’s tech acid groove. Great energy on this one.

A.2. Otkuda has a more bouncy feel to it led mainly by the baseline accompanied by some long moody chords carried by crisp swinging hats and offers another entertaining but effective and cool drum roll, arranged perfectly for the dance floor.

B1. The title track Deep Moan is an energetic up tempo deep underground rolling number with lots of warmth and swing with a surprisingly oldskool house drum roll a third of the way through the track before slamming straight back into it’s deeper groove.

B2. Finally, Gotcha reminds us of Legit’s more deep/tech staple sound. Warm, punchy, quirky and smoothly driven with a few breakdowns along the way with a deep male whispered vocal snippet over the top.

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