Nicola Brusegan & Camilo Gil – Revolution of tha mind 909 poems

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Remixes by: Luciano, Lil mark and Chris Carrier We celebrate 30 years of a drum machine that changed the history of music, of creating and projecting our musical dreams. In the first edition of OBLIVIUM RECORDS, the friends Nicola Brusegan & Camilo Gil, part of the worldwide agency SUENA, use the best of their creativity, together with the Mc and Poet from Chile Tea Time (Perlon – Cadenza), to create a piece and three remixes of electronic music legends these 30 years as Chris Carrier, from the center of Paris in France and his remix with features Acid and Groove Lil Mark, a legend from the UK, and a sampler of swing, groove, and the sound that characterizes him as always and the Great Luciano, with his look at his times, of hyponitism and minimal techno, in a dimensional mix.
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