Passarani Presents David Woods – Shuffling The Cards Again

Cat.Number: RBTW-9
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Ladies, gentlemen, and cosmic disco voyagers, gather ’round as I regale you with tidings of auditory delight! The musical cosmos is set to bestow upon us a celestial gem that shall set dancefloors ablaze and hearts aflutter. It is none other than the enigmatic Marco Passarani aka David Woods of Tiger & Woods, the sonic alchemist who has been tantalizing our senses with his kaleidoscopic grooves. Imagine, if you will, a voyage through a wormhole that transcends time and space, landing you smack dab in the midst of a euphoric dancefloor utopia. This upcoming opus, Shuffling The Cards Again, promises to be a magnum opus of cosmic proportions. David Woods has summoned their sonic forces to curate a soundscape that defies convention, much like a comet hurtling through the night sky, leaving trails of sonic stardust in its wake.
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