Detroit Swindle – Break Up To Make Up Ep

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Cat.Number: HEIST001
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Repress! First EP of the label by the label-bosses themselves; Detroit Swindle – Releases on Freerange, Dirt Crew, Saints & Sonnets and more – Just back from their first US tour in May 2013 – Pressing on 180 grs black vinyl Info: It’s not often that silly, boyish dreams come true. But, if you take a closer look at our past 12 months, dreams seem to come true every other day. We’ve had a great year with releases on such great labels and had the opportunity to play our music all over the world and we’ve enjoyed every minute of this musical rollercoaster. And today, we’ve got another dream that’s turning into reality: We’re starting our own label. This is Heist Recordings, and you’re looking at our very first release. We’re extremely proud toΒ  this two track EP of our own music with you and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do. The break up is a track that checks all the boxes of the signature DS sound. An infectious set of airy chords, a bumpy bass-line and a lush female vocal give the track that feeling that bridges everything we love about the house from back in the days with the things that get everyone excited today. The make up is a deeper track, but still a genuine house tune, with some repetitive almost hypnotic vocals and stabs and of course, a pumping groove. You’ll lose track of everything halfway through the break, but as soon as the beat kicks in, you know its business time. This is just the first step. Enjoy it, and be sure to keep an eye out for more of Heist in the near future.