Interstate – Dominion Swing 2×12″

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Cat.Number: SNFSSLP002
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Hitting us with a double LP of sublime dance music lingering on the border of ambience, Interstate is the alter ego of DJ Swagger. Earlier this year, he graced Shall Not Fade’s Time Is Now sub label in collaboration with DJ Aedidias for four feelgood UKG cuts – now returning for the second album in the Seasons Series, expect something a little different. Dominion Swing is his first LP under the Interstate moniker. The four sides of vinyl hold their fair share of punchy kick drums and funky melodies, though across them is a blissed out ambient softness that comes to the forefront by the end. “Doublet Doureet” is a low end groover driven by skippy percs, the speedy bass melody chilled out with some lingering natural chords. “Second Mass” is futuristic and clean cut, tickling the ear with panning synth stabs and a powerful electro bassline that cuts through the track sharply, giving memories of the dancefloor while perfectly leading into “Habitat” – the sustained ambient shimmer that closes the A side. Onto the reverse side, “This Rather Than That” and “Misty” are glitchy, playful evening music, “Misty” leaning into a fun organ ditty. The almost imperceptible bassline of “Two To Get Ready” hangs in the air giving it a dub atmosphere. More genre exploration is to be found on the C side, from the pulsing but delicate house of “Appliance” to the tranquil guitar-lead journey of “Condone The Drama”, ending with a return to blissful, oceanic ambience in “Bubblebath”. The closing side of Dominion Swing stays in this vein – blissed out haze is soaked into summer sundowner “Ascension” and its romantic melodies. “Stigma” is built on misty ambient pads but carries a persistent heartbeat rhythm, fading slowly into album closer “Yosemites” tropical field recordings and scattered drum hits.