Fine Touch & Malik Hendricks - Penthouse Edits Vol. 1 Money Cat Records MCR001

Fine Touch & Malik Hendricks – Penthouse Edits Vol. 1

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Penthouse Edits Vol. 1′ is a collection of disco edits from Malik Hendricks and Fine Touch. Two dedicated diggers unite through a shared love for forgotten basslines and dusty kicks, reviving classic and unknown disco grooves for modern dancefloors.

Money Cat Records

Round black records bringing good luck. Linking motion with emotion, dance unites the body and soul of all who participate. Music from Brooklyn to the world. Established in 2018.

Fine Touch

Fine Touch is a Brooklyn based DJ and producer.

Malik Hendricks

Malik Hendricks is a rhythmically inclined aesthetic enthusiast born in the 80’s, and raised in the 90’s. A DJ for over a decade, he has always approached music with a rigorous curiosity and views the dancefloor as the ideal arena for collective cultural appreciation, a place where the quest for knowledge meets the quest for experience. Dance is the true language of the body, and a gateway to the recognition of our shared humanity.