Gome – Home Skooling EP

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Germany is not known for soul music but some of the hotterst disco artists of the 1970ies and 80ies were based in Germany. To be more precise in Munich. Donna Summer, Moroder, Faltermeyer, Boney M or Silver Convention who created the „string disco sound“ came from Munich’s wild disco scene in the 1970ies. And that’s the vibe you get with the new GOME guys. The 25 years old guys originally come from Munich. The have the Munich disco DNA. Which means: They feel the funk, they know about Soul music and good basslines, they know how to groove (not to bang) and they have that slight sense of irony and easyness you need to make good disco music. (Some say the dark days of Berlin techno are over after Covid, Munich disco is the opposite.) GOME are a live act. Their disco is played on several drummachines, keyboards, sequencers and microphone. (Check their live on Insta). Their first EP got massive props from the likes of Laurent Garnier („Love love love for this EP“) and other more funk oriented house DJs. The new one goes further. It’s 80ies disco. The first track „Teach you“ was produced in the raw style of early Prince or the legendary Sexual Harrassment. A pumping bassline, driving 808 beats and funky rap vocals is the only thing you need. Erobique, King of German disco and member of the band International Pony (DJ Koze & Cosmic DJ) did a stripped down remix showing that less is more.
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