NMIS1 NMIS1New Music International SISTER SLEDGE Good Times GOOD TIMES Remix 2K21 by Marco Fratty Marco Flash A

Sister Sledge - Good Times Good Times (remix 2k21 By Marco Fratty & Marco Flash)

Catalogue: NMIS1





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A fast throwback to the โ€˜70s Disco thanks to this incredible Remix of the iconic track โ€œGOOD TIMESโ€ performed by the huge SISTER SLEDGE. A big remake from the great producers and DJs Marco Fratty and Marco Flash that made this track reborn in a fresh new skin, always in the total respect of the original sound of the hit that in fact remains nowadays unmistakable. The enthusiasts and real lovers of this kind of Disco wil be adore this โ€œComeback to the โ€˜70sโ€, the youngers listeners will catch the sound that has conquered the world of the Dance Music in those decades!

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