JP sunshine & Guim – Toc De Breaks

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Following on from the well-received release of Toc De Breaks earlier this year, Spanish duo JP Sunshine and Guim return with a full collaborative EP, Toc De Jaume, released on Steel City Dance Discs. Coordinating a masterful blend of funk-infused instrumentals, melodic breakbeats and acid-tinged basslines, Toc De Jaume is unique in its character, which bears its defining traits from its two creators, JP Sunshine and Guim, whose partnership is nothing newfound, yet, in light of this EP, feels as fresh as ever. Toc De Jaime contains a vast variation of sounds within its entirety, from the funky, acid dripped breakbeat of La Fiesta, which was released earlier this year, to tracks like JP Sunshine’s I Want To Stay, released in 2020, which offer a more melodic, feelgood aspect to this EP, and the sound of both artists as a whole. Through Toc De Jaime, JP Sunshine and Guim present an EP that feels like an ode to the sounds of their shared native homeland; sounds which the duo manipulate and rework within the confines of an electronic dance music context, resulting in a perfect marriage of diverse sounds.
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