Kaidi Tatham – It never Stops

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Imagine a held-up-in-traffic Wayne Shorter arriving late to a Weather Report studio session and Joe Zawinul, Victor Bailey, and Omar Hakim filling in the time by jamming on a grooving house cut. Had that happened, it might have sounded a little bit like β€œIt Never Stops,” one of two ultra-fresh tracks on Kaidi Tatham’s Yore debut. Jazz and house are obviously distinct genres, yet as this irresistible cut makes clear swing is common to both. The other track, the cerebrally titled β€œOne for the Brain,” locates itself closer to house music proper but is no less appealing for doing so. Given the jazzy vibe of β€œIt Never Stops,” it’s fitting that Benji B once deemed Tatham the “Herbie Hancock of the United Kingdom.” Regarded as one of the originators of the Broken Beat sound, the UK-based multi-instrumentalist has worked with many an artist, from Bugz In The Attic and The Herbaliser to DJ Jazzy Jeff, and his session work credits list Slum Village, Amy Winehouse, Soul II Soul, and others. His own discography includes EPs and releases for labels such as 2000 Black, First World Records, Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature, Eglo Records, and now, of course, Yore. β€œIt Never Stops” rolls in on a wave of silky synthesizer textures and percolating precision with a tight, funky groove that instantly pulls you into its velvety world. Triangles, electric bass, and clavinet add collective radiance to the material as the tune struts its way into your psyche. As if to make the jazz connection even more explicit, Tatham works an acoustic piano solo into the cut’s second half before shifting focus back to the groove for the coda. β€œOne for the Brain,” by comparison, digs into its chugging house pulse with fervour whilst also sweetening the arrangement with painterly synth flourishes. This one charges with breathless determination and like β€œIt Never Stops” nods in jazz’s direction with the inclusion of a freewheeling piano solo. Every minute and second on this strictly limited 12β€œ release seem’s meaningful. No Represses / Limited 200 Copies.
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