KERAW (Lucas Moinet & Bruce Vanderro) – NEVER 4GET EP

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“Never 4get EP”, an EP of house tracks from KERAW (Bruce Vanderro & Lucas Moinet) made at their Studio 937 in Paris. For this release, they wanted to give back the original color of the traditional deep house sound from New Jersey with four essential-to-release tracks of theirs. “Never 4get About The Second Vibe” pays tribute to the 90’s deep chords tradition with a proper hardcore deep house second vibe. On the other hand, “Until The End Of The Night” brings a deep & introspective ballad theme to the record, while “50%” and “Jersey Bass” ensure the resurrection of the early 90’s traditional New Jersey sound. All tracks have been composed, recorded and produced at Studio 937 with yesterday’s and today’s hardware equipment. Matter of fact, Keraw never wants to forget the NY sound of deep house music foundations. KERAW is a deep house production duo made by Lucas Moinet (Groove Boys Project) and Bruce Vanderro (aka Rawaï). This production team is the fusion between an instrumentalist and a beat maker, and became a common ground project for paying tribute to the early 90’s US House sound. Their production process is mainly hardware based with an full analog recording studio and old school recording methods. Through their record collection, Lucas & Bruce fell for the NY deep house sound and co-founded the Studio 937 in 2018 as a place to create, experiment and record their music. Behind the desk, they play old school house music records in the NY tradition.
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