Kiko Navarro, Willie Graff, Dj Pippi – Tempistica Mistica

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Cat.Number: AFTNEV003
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Kiko Navarro met DJ Pippi and Willie Graff in the early 2000’s, when he was resident at Pacha Mallorca. Making a pilgrimage to Pacha’s Ibizan mothership to make sure two venues were musically aligned, he quickly became friends with Pippi, who was resident at the club, and Graff, who was hosting the Funky Room upstairs. Unbelievably, the three had never collaborated together before until December 2022, when Graff and Pippi finally visited Kiko’s Mallorca studio and ‘Tempistica Mistica’ was born. Heavily inspired by Cuban conga rhythms, opening track ‘N’Fumbei’ deftly blends live percussion, horns and vocals with pristine rhythmic synths and warm electronic touches to summon up a cosmic carnival taking place somewhere between the past and the future… The floaty, piano-led ‘Esanah’ raises the tempo into timeless Latin House territory, paying homage to the fusion sounds pioneered by the likes of Julien Jabre & Dj Gregory in the late 90s, while updating the sonics and arrangements to sound completely fresh. Finally, ‘N’Fumbeats’ strips ‘N’Fumbei’ down to bare bones and lets the percussion ride out, making an essential DJ weapon for those serious dancers.