Marco Faraone – Don’t Need You

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Cat.Number: REKIDS144
Rekids serves up more scintillating techno this autumn with scene mainstay Marco Faraone making his return. The Italian artist has long been releasing on the biggest labels of the day, whether that’s Drumcode and Ovum, or his own label UNCAGE. Often favouring big, powerful tracks distilled to their essence, Faraone is never far from a headline set at the world’s leading festivals, clubs and is considered as a core part of the modern techno landscape. Big, cantering drums define opener ‘Don’t Need You’, the track’s title is repeated over and over like a mind melting mantra and you cannot fail to fall under its spell. The epic ‘Hardgroove Community’ follows with a wall of techno drum programming that will blow away even the largest crowds: razor sharp hi-hats, super charged bass and fist pumping vocal stabs are all effectively deployed to make this one pop. On the flip ‘Survive’ is a darker cut with sleek and futuristic synths depicting some derelict urbanwasteland. Finally, ‘Not A Crime’ layers up dusty breakbeats and rattling dub chords with big female yelps into something all-consuming and brilliantly rib rattling.