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Cat.Number: WXC023
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500 copies only ! For our 23rd release, we are so pleased to receive on our beloved label, a veteran, a real house warrior & survivor, the very solid : Nicolas Aftalion. He started in the late 1990s, highly inspired by the house master Kerri Chandler, as a good soldier of the underground, he released several releases on his own label that’s some serious shit. According to us, he has reached the quintessence of his art on this release, bass that explodes, synths that twirl with a massive drum structure, which crashes in your mind to never let you go to the grave. The first title, the aptly named “rue des wallons” is one of the best house titles we’ve heard in recent years, straight in your face, a tribute to our skylax records structure where we had some coffees during lunch time on the balcony for several weeks where he made us listen to his future titles as he went along (it’s the opposite street !). His tracks are part of the purest New York house tradition: Kerri Chandler, Terrence Parker, Franckie Knuckles, Kenny Dope, Jocelyn Brown: THE SPIRIT OF HOUSE !