Reginald – Platypus 001

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Cat.Number: PTPUS001
After over 10 years in the depths of the (electronic) music industry releasing on labels such as Toolroom, Dirtybird, Night Bass, and Desert Hearts, running the renowned My Techno Weighs A Ton records with Sharkki (aka Sharkslayer from Top Billin and P&S Freetime Discs), and releasing his highly praised “Why Can’t We All Be Friends” album, Reginald answers his all-time high demand by creating his own unique vinyl-only record label called Platypus. The debut release on Platypus by Reginald is a 4 track collection of electro and breaks with his trademark fat drums, leftfield sounds and beautifully constructed structures. A-side’s first track “Voc Chop Pro” is a crunchy electro piece reminiscent of almost nothing you’ve ever heard before (at least on Earth). The second track “Pants Off” is a fun party starter with memorable vocals and catchy arpeggios. B-side dwelves more into Reginald’s melodic cababilities with “Out Of The Vile” and “Each Other” which take you on a journey through stormy but comforting mindscapes.