ReKaB, inkipak, The Vast Profound, Rai Scott – FTVWL001

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Cat.Number: FTVWL001
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The Fourier Transform White Label series aims to release vinyl-only various artist EP’s and access the feeling of dissappearing into a record shop, finding a mysterious white label and not knowing who had made the music on it. Each EP will have 4 different artists on which will be listed (but not on the label), however you will not know who has made each track without listening to the music and then filling in the info sheet. We think the styles are all distinguishable, however you may need to do some investigation and check the other artists releases. The info sheet also has a crossword to keep you busy whilst you listen to the tracks and make your choice. The first EP contains deep melodic music from co label owners inkipak and The Vast Profound, as well as ReKaB and Rai Scott. Between them they have released on some amazing underground house and techno labels including Distant Worlds, Ornate, Exalt, Alola, Inner Shift, Magnonic Signals, Moatun, Echocentric, We’re Going Deep, Further Electronix. Forthcoming projects from the label include releases from Rob Belleville, Gimmik, Artec, Pop Out And Play, Dark Male, inkipak