Various – H24007

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Cat.Number: H24007
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H24007 VA reunites 6 well-known names from our artist community and combines their styles into a 4-track EP, resulting in a powerfull weapon of joy on the dancefloor. On the A side, Enzo Leep invites us to his Purple Planet in a soothing atmosphere with harmonic flutes and warm breaks. The next destination is the Other People Too of JNJS, a hypnotic carousel of sounds blocked in a loop of bass. Turning to B side, Minube & Andrey Djakonda catch and remix some UFO signals in a classical house manner. In contrast to the title of their track, Eternal Dust, you can hear the murmur of the water like a mirage in the desert. The final destination is the dark matter of Sium, a space not so much explored until now by Simon & Mimush. Their track, Cloaking, hides behind a well-arranged musical structure, a very strange feeling, an imminent danger, a dark desire, an invitation to get lost in the night.